Adequacy of Resources - Economic Results

Our team of specialists, through a process of analysis of the coffee area, will propose a set of actions whose mission will be to improve the final product and at the same time increase customer satisfaction. From the choice of coffee, the correct storage and handling, to the correct presentation, all aimed on improving the final result.

Coffee Area Optimization

·Perfect location of machinery and environment
· Effective work
· Comfort of action
· Minimum service time
· Correct tools
· Cleaning and care of materials

· Adequate personnel resources

· Cup control

· Sales Receipt Increase 

· Seasonal Menu

· Technical Support

· Coffee Shop Interior Design

Hotels - Restaurants - Superstores

· Coffee beans
· Ground coffee
· Professional machinery for restaurant and/or breakfast
· Capsule machines for rooms
· Special capsule machines for breakfast and/or lounge
· Vending Machines
· Toppings, add-ons and related additional material
· Miscellaneous infusions

· Training of new staff components (Rotation of staff)

· Standard Quality control

· Coffee areas diagnosis

· Service Updating