profesionales del café

We are a coffee culture passionate team, with the desire to popularize this world always with the utmost respect for all the productive processes of the coffee cycle. Events, trainings, consultancies … these are our tools to bring to the general public everything related to this world. From modesty, we try to educate the client’s palate to make it more demanding when it comes to tasting a good coffee and to enjoy more of it.

Our philosophy lies essentially on the one hand to experiment and grow the barista world by experimenting with new products and methods of work, and on the other hand to make the coffee culture known to both customers and new baristas. We believe that the correct dissemination of the coffee culture, will enable all the elements that make it up, from the origins to the final result in cup, are respected to be able to last in its essence forever. It stimulates the possibility of popularizing how a correct cup of coffee must be made and served, since many people are behind the product that we are going to infuse. Out of respect, they deserve to treat that grain perfectly.

Main Coffee Makers

baristas profesionales

From left to right: Sergi Farrús, Pere Montserrat & Jordi Castellet

Pere Montserrat​:
Master Barista. Third generation of a coffee professional family, he is a SCAE certified Barista and official trainer, roasted coffee analyst and consultant for new business establishments. It has a Guiness record related to coffee.

Sergi Farrús​:
Multiple years in the organization of events and promoter of events related to the coffee world. Expert in combined and ‘tester’. Responsible for R & D & I in BaristasBCN. Technician in optimization of spaces.

Jordi Castellet​:
Barista titled by IEC. Promoter of coffee events. Marketing, public relations and customer loyalty expert.